Gross Girls is an ongoing project based off an anonymous survey I conducted during Fall Semester of 2016. The survey relied on the honor code that all who were surveyed identified as women, and only asked one question:

“What is something that you've experienced as a woman that's absolutely gross*? This can be something you encounter on a daily basis, or even a one time event. Feel free to be as long or short as you please. Your answer stays anonymous.*Gross is ambiguous. However you interpret the word, or question, roll with it.”

After receiving responses, I then embroider a hoop for each response I receive to add to the collection. Answers ranged from ordinary annoyances such as zits and periods, to personal accounts of harassment or innermost thoughts. 

I began this project to juxtapose the clean and precise art form of embroidery to modern women's experiences with various "gross" aspects.


Mixed Media on Embroidery Hoops.