PityParty is an ongoing project that seeks to destigmatize talking about mental health through the disguise of a party. At first the project incorporated printmaking in the forms of cards, cakes (real & fake), t-shirts and a performance of hosting a "pity party" by sharing cake and conversations. Before and afterwards installations were created around these celebrations. 

In December 2018, I was invited to start a three-month-long residency at the Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio) where I hosted a version of PityParty for the public two nights a week for four hours each night. Using past works as a general basis for lesson plans, I varied projects on a weekly basis and created a safe space in the CAC’s “Unmuseum” Art Lab for people to be as open as they wanted. Over the span of the three months, I created a sketchbook library consisting of 19 books that were collaborations between strangers and friends to document the people who participated in the PityParty environment; hosted multiple fake parties starting with an initial PityParty, a Fun-eral for 2018 (Fun Funeral), and a Love Hurts extravaganza in conjunction with the rest of the museum; and multiple exercises for my own practice to have fun and let go while making work.


An Excerpt of my performance "PityParty" at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on January 19th, 2017.

Recent Selected Works


Digitized Zine

Community Sketchbook Archive

Throughout my residency, I hosted a community sketchbook project to archive and document the guests we hosted on a weekly basis. The 19-book series operated as a cathartic outlet for people to draw, collage, paint, etc. whatever was going on throughout their day-to-day lives. It also operated as a challenge to rethink what the potential of a sketchbook can be, or beyond mere pencil drawings that usually might come to mind when speaking about sketchbooks.